Error 2101 whe click button2

Dear All,
I am getting File not found error 2101 even though if I check with File ex


plorere file is in location

Remove the : in front of your path.

I removed still gives same error

Could you please send the screenshot of error dialogue box?

Don’t read from your files until after they’ve finished being written …

Issue is not that those blocks are for just debuging it works fine Actully I want button 2 click code to work

I donet Khnow where it creates the file.

I need to copy file from my pc to a location and read

The File component uses relative paths, means /text2.txt is written to the root directory of the external storage: /storage/emulated/0/text2.txt

Thank you very much sir

Then please tell us if your problem is solved and who gave you the right tip so that others can learn from it. And close this thread by clicking on Solution on the right answer. Thanks.