Error : 2101 - despite the file being read

Hi. When my screen initializes, it is supposed to read a .csv file.
And the file is read and the text is displayed where I want it.

Problem: when that screen initializes I see this alert, Error: 2101, The file could not be found.

I am calling the same file much later in the same program after many other procedures are executed. Functionally all working good. Just don't want to see that error. It may scare some users.

Can I do something so that the error is not seenCapture .

Everything appears to be OK with your blocks.... is your grid7.csv just a single row ?
You do not show your start procedure....or where global qtCounter is set

Are you displaying an image somewhere, could that be it ?

I think you should remove the 'File Read From' Block from Screen Initialize or at least make it the very last item in the Initialize Block. That should fix it, but if not, make the call from a Clock Timer, set as the very last item in the Initialize Block.

Edit: Like this:

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