Error 201: Camera Doesn't Return Image

hello everyone anybody know how to fix this error "error 201: Camera Doesn't Return Image" when i try take the photo.My plan is use location sensor to get photo location and upload to Google Spreadsheet. this the file.CitizenR2.aia (458.7 KB)

You appear to be using my blocks from here:

I have just tested my aia on Android 11 in Companion and it works OK.

How are you testing ?

Here is a blank aia project (you will need to create and add your own script url and create your own spreadsheet)

upload_CameraImage_Location_Data_GD_blank.aia (36.4 KB)

I tested your app and the result is same

Again, how are you testing?
Android version?
Which device?

first i instaled the app then i accept the storage and the location ,i open the app and take the photo after that notification said the camera doesn't return image like screenshot i send.
android version 10
device xiaomi redmi note 8

Ok, thank you. Let me have a look at file paths...

oke thank you i appreciate that

Try this simple camera app:


The app will ask for two sets of permissions, you must grant both!

I have tested compiled on Android 10 and 11. Does it work OK for you ?

and read this:

Do you have a Pictures folder ?

yes its work for me

i have pictures folder

Here ?


you can see this in a File Manager on Android 10 but not Android 11.

Check the similar file path for your compiled app that throws the 201 error....

This is automatically created by the Camera component if it has been (accidentally) deleted, also in the ASD.

Yes, I am wondering if this is a device issue, I am not having any problems at my end. I compiled and installed my GPS/Image project on Android 11 Google Pixel 4A and it works fine, but doesn't work on the OP's device. Unless not all the permissions were granted when requested....

i have folder from cameratest.apk ,but i dont have folder from my app ,

Upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link here. So we can check whether it is related to the app or your device.

ok i will upload the app

this is the app

First up, on installation....???


can't get past login to take a photo....can you provide some dummy login details...

You should remove the registration procedure ... for testing purposes ...