Error 1109: specified url is not valid, when using Get request from url:

I made an app in MIT App Inventor that uses a button to send a Get request to the url "" which is hosted as a web server on a ESP 8266 set up as a Wifi acess point. When pressing the button that sends the Get request, a notification pops up saying "error 1109: specified url is not valid" and the app no longer functions as intended. It is supposed to send a get request to the url which then returns 204 and no content (HTTP Status Code for request was done successfully but no conetent is being sent back). This was done on my phone which was connected to the access point. I double checked the arduino code and I also tested the url in my browser and it toggles the led just fine. I'm not sure why MIT App Inventor gives this error. Am I using Mit App Inventor web server request functions wrong? Image of blocks attached, thanks in advance.

I don't see where you set the web component URL

I set the url component in the properties pannel, do I need to set it in the script? Image attached bellow.

Don't you need a http:// before a URL?

Not sure, that url works fine in my browser but it might be automatically adding http://. I will try change that.

Works now, sorry for starting a forum for such a simple mistake. Thanks very much for the help.

The http:// tells what protocol to use in the web traffic.

For an example of a counter-protocol, see Great 3 Stooges Running Gag: "Me First!" - YouTube

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