Error 1109 and Error 1101 from ESP32 connection


I'm experiencing an Error 1109 in the app I built here.
The URL is right (from the receiver ESP32 connected through wifi and can be opened in the browser) but the error persist in the beginning then after some time error 1101 happens but I'm still getting data.

Can anyone check if there an issue with the blocks?

what is the timer interval of your clock?

it would be safer to set the timer enabled to true in the GotText event and set timer enabled to false again in the Tmer event before calling Get



Clock interval is at 500 ms. The 1109 error persist with the changes I made so far:

I tried to set AutoRefreshClock to false. when Screen1 initializes and error 1109 only shows when url value is wrong which is okay for me.

My question now is would there be any issues with my changes?

Your last screenshot looks fine

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