Error 1101 When Posting and Error 1103 When Getting To/From Local Server

I made a simple app that posts to a local server running on my computer, both my computer and phone are connected to the same Wifi. When using the webviewer component I am able to access the server, as I would on my computer's browser or phone's browser, however trying to use web component and posting or getting from the server I receive Error 1101: unable to get a response with the specified url https://192.x.x.x and Error 1103: unable to complete the given request wit the text "..." with the specified url https://192.x.x.x

What are you expecting to happen? Your url seems to be incomplete...

How can i access the site with just this url, by using the webviewer if it were incomplete I wouldn't even be able to access it through a browser.

Because it is a webviewer ? :wink:

The web component will either send or receive physical data or files.

Ok, what am I supposed to do then? This is the correct url.

for what? You have not answered my original question yet?

I want to post a text just to make sure that the web component is working properly. I want to send information to the server with a click of a button change the resolution of a camera or turn it on. I can already do it on a browser, however I want to implement it in an application, and I'm assuming that I have to use the web component in order to post or get.

OK, you have not really explained very well.

Are we to understand that there is an IP camera at
Does this IP camera offer up a web interface to accept commands ?
Do you know if it is possible to send commands directly without the web interface ? (is there an api)

Yes, yes, and yes

I would expect you should be able to send commands such as:

What is the make and model of the IP camera?

The camera is a logitech c920, but the main issue is not with the camera, it is reaching the server itself, I don't receive any information from the server end that a post or a get request were made, unlike when I try from a browser.

The page just shows me the state of the camera if it is on or not, I should be able to receive this information in text format when connected to the server. The bottom part is the information on (Displayed through webviewer). I am trying to receive this information and print it on my screen(using the web component) by pressing one of these buttons.

Logitech c920 appears to be a webcam, for connecting to a computer.

Do you have instructions for connecting to it over the network / sending and receiving instructions / data?

Yes, I am already able to turn the camera on or off, through my browser. I am not trying to do that here though, or at least not at the moment. I am just trying to get a response from the server for the time being.

The issue was resolved, apparently App inventor is not a big fan of https, and we had to implement the ability to access the page through http.

You mean that you were able to access the web interface using http:// but were unable to access it using https://. This would be expected on a local server/in a local environment, as it is unlikely it will be serving up SSL encrypted pages.

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