Error 1101:Unable To get aresponse with the specified url

Hi, I have a problem with my app. I create a page with a ESP32 and the codes gives me a IP address and then it gives me the name of the same page that I coded with the MDNS. The point of this is that when the url of this page changes it activates a DC motor. What happen is that when I put the IP address to change in the App blocks I have no trouble and it activates the motor without any problems. But when I change the url to the name of the page (http://robojaxesp32) and I try to activate the motor it gives me this error (Error 1101: Unable To get aresponse with the specified URL). The first image below is the one that works and the second one is the one that doesn't.

I would appreciate any help please. And I can provide more information if needed. Thank you!

Why do you need to use the second version, if the IP address works ?

You probably have a local DNS issue that is not translating or serving up the address.

Because sometimes the IP changes but the other one stays always the same. I'm pretty new with programing so there is a lot of things I have to learn. I'll see if I can do something about the DNS. Thanks!

Have you ever signed on to the admin account of your home router?

(Don't do it at school!)

In the old days, you could reserve IP addresses for printers in the upper range, before the printer makers added dynamic address detection.