Error 1101 unable to get a response with the specified url / Android 4.2.2

can it be that the Web component not worked under Android 4.2? My app makes an api request to my website. It works on my phones which have Android 8 and 10. But on my Tablet with Android 4.2 i get the Error 1101. Same on my build app and via the app inventor app. Is there a workaround for?

Previously I have same problem with android 4.x... starting android 5.x.x will be no problem...

I'm not sure.

This is a screenshot of the Google Android Emulator > Settings > About phone. As you can see, the Android version is 2.2.


The MrBeast YouTube API tutorial also use a Web API, but it works with the emulator.


Other API tutorials I did also worked with Android 2.2 emulator.

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