Error 1101 or 1103 on several device

Hi everbody…

I have test connection script at web server host…
i test it with two device…
first device is Xiaomi mi 8, and the second is Samsung galaxy Tab S2
I test it with same script, same block, same network. the result is Xiaomi work and connected succesfully, but always error 1101 or 1103 with galaxy Tab S2 and several device like Huawei P

Does anyone can explain to me why its happen and how to resolve this…
Thanks before

This is With Xiaomi

This is With Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

This is my software information of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Here my simple block

probably a web host issue?
how does the script look like?
you might want to post it here and I could put it onto my web host for you, so you can try there…


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this is my script
just a simple check connection

> <?php
> $user_name = "xxxx";
> $password = "xxxx";
> $database = "xxxx";
> $host_name = "xxx"; 
> mysql_connect($host_name, $user_name, $password);
> echo "Connected Succesfully";
> ?>

Did you test with the compiled app (APK) or Companion?

i test both…

Maybe you should consider checking in advance whether there is a network connection.

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already check that…i think its web host issue, because i test with other web host and its work

I put it onto my server and you can call it here to test using the web component


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its connected using your server…I think my web host issue…can i PM you taifun to check the different between my host

you can compare it easily yourself… ask your web host support…
this is out of scope for this community…


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so i try to use web viewer to execute link (go to url)…and its work…

The link is not working can you update it ?
Thank u so much