Error 1011:unable to get a response with the specified URL

I have copied the pet feeder application and hardware for my project Pet Feeder Controlled Via WiFi - ESP8266 - Share Project - PCBWay Sadly however, the stepper motor does not move when I click the button on the app. The arduino does print forward and backward but no movement. Does somebody have any idea what might be the problem? To give some extra information, the application gives a 1011 error: unable to get a response with the specified URL after clicking the button.

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Roos Hack

Can you reach that URL from your phone's web browser?

No it is http:myVPN/feed

If you can't reach that local IP address from your phone using a web browser, how can a web component on an app on your phone reach that local IP address?

  • Simplify your web traffic route. Use local WiFi instead of your vpn.
  • Verify your local network IP address range can cover the IP address you gave your device, taking care to check if it covers that third number in the IP address.
  • Sign onto your home router's admin page at 192.168.?.1 and look for your device in the list of connected devices. The ? is dependent on your router setup.

Sorry I meant the URL is http:myIPaddress/feed.
My laptop where my Arduino code is on, is connected with the wifi. The code prints my IP address, which I fill into the app. The IP address which is printed by the Arduino 192.168.0.??? is however different from the one I find on my computer when looking into the wifi network details. The ??? are the last numbers, don't know if it is smart to share it online haha!

Local 192.168.?.? IP addresses are like meeting at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk.
You are giving away nothing by exposing it.

The important thing here is verify that your ESP device signed onto your local network successfully, and is using the IP address you thought it would be using.

Your router might be giving it new IP addresses to avoid conflicts with other devices on the local network. Some routers fence off a range of IP addresses for printers that need a stable IP address. You might ask for an IP address in that range (avoiding your printers.)

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