Error 101 and 102 - Lat & Lng from Address -

Hi Forum,

I’m intending to put a marker in the google map with an address, and I did some testing with the Address entered and I always receive the same ERROR 101 and ERROR 102.

Is there any specific format or way to use “LatitudefromAddress” and “LongitudefromAddress”?

Here is my code:


Thanks in advance!!!

You don’t show all your relevant blocks, but guess would be that you are not giving the location sensor enough time to return the lat/lon values.

To place a Marker on a Google Map or an OpenStreetMap use the LocationSensor (a LocationSensor component must be in your app) to return the latitude and longitude. You need the following blocks where you provide as much address information as you can in the TextBox:

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses (like a street address) into geographic coordinates (like latitude and longitude), which you can use to place markers on a map

…this technique works only if you are connected to WIFI or network (because the Google database is consulted to provide the coordinates)… The technique will provide incorrect information if insufficient address information is provided or might not provide an answer if the address is not in Google’s database. 123 Mainstreet might not work but 123 Mainstreet Dallas Tx might or 123 Mainstreet London perhaps.

Is this what you want to do? Get this example to work using a real device (it will not work in an emulator) and then possibly you can get other parts of your app to stop spawning errors.


Excellent Steve.

I discovered that with the Emulator (MEMu) it doesn’t work. With the mobile it works fine with a tiny change. I needed to add a button to pull the information for the Lat & Long.
Without the button, I believe it doesn’t give the time to convert the info.

I guess could be something with the config of the Emulator or the permissions to the GPS.

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