"err_unknown_url_scheme" WebViewer

hello to all I am currently developing an application where I use WebViewer in order to use a google map in the properties of this WebViewer I added "Google Maps" and when I click on "use navigation in the application" I receive an error message: net::err_unknown_url_scheme" do you have a solution? thank you

The webviewer can only handle http://, https:// or file:// urls

Indeed it is a url of this type that I use

Well, it is not. When you click on navigate in app it calls an intent://


ok I see thank you! and would you be how to solve this "beug"

Use the maps component and navigate with that.
Or use the google maps app

ok I think I'm going to use the maps because if I use the google app I get out of my app and it will no longer meet its purpose
thank you for everything !

Using Luke Gackle's WebviewTools extension it is possible to use the desktop site for maps, which avoids that Navigate button

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how do you have the webviewertools because when I use the webviewer component I do not have all the calls

Did you download the Extension via the link in TimAI2's post?