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Hello everybody.. I have a question I have the first application to register the user and the second application is the one that receives the registration process from the username and e-mail, but I face a problem in the second application is when information is saved in the second application, I am not notified that there is a user who has registered .... Is there a solution to this issue?

In first app, how do you tell second app someone is registed? and in second, how accept the info?

I linked the first application and the second application to Googel Sheet

but how? I never used Google Sheet, maybe others can help you. as I know, @TIMAI2 is an expert.

Thank you my friend

Just set flags on the Google sheet when either performs their part in the registration process. These can be accessed and handled by either app.

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You can put an example or a model if you have it

Why don't you try something, or show the data and blocks for your two apps, explaining the registration workflow

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Here is a post with some registration code for Sheets.

It uses a numeric ID along with a name for each runner in a Marathon.

Look earlier in that thread for how the runners fit into the Marathon app.

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