English To Hindi Voice Translator

Please read the whole post to make the most out of it ...

APP LINK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mn5qQarbq33I6P0wjnye7IJ3diGtfXE4/view?usp=drivesdk

Special Thanks to : Taifun for Multi Language Speech Recognizer Extension

This app helps you to translate your English voice into Hindi Voice and vice versa is also applicable

Steps for English to Hindi Voice Translation are as follows ....

You will have to click on the Translate button below " English to Hindi " so that It recognises the English words you pronounce and translates the observed English words to Hindi and reads it aloud ... Follow the vice versa steps for Hindi to English Voice Translation ...

This app helps you to talk to foreigners fluently ...

And also , I have a Idea of making the app support for 100+ language voice + text translation but I don't know how to do this .... I need all your valuable guidance regarding this ...as I am a new comer
Thanking you all in Advance...

Screenshots :


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You must post screenshots of your app, and with some more explanation.
If you are sharing your aia do you mean you are making it open source?

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No I don't want to make it a Open source project .... HOW TO FIX IT ?
I don't know much about these as I am new to App Inventor ...

Please help me....
Thank you in advance :pray::pray::pray:

You posted your code (.aia), so that reveals the whole code to everyone on this forum...

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Ok then let me delete the link for the aia file of my app now itself

In this forum I can't upload apk file then how could I showcase my app and get feedback from experienced users ??? Is there any other way to upload my app ???

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just click on export to .aia then use the upload
symbol when u write a post

If you do not wish to show your .aia then build app (save .apk to your computer) and upload it to google drive . Then share the link to your post . Describe what your app does and put some screenshots so the users will be able to see what the app is about and if they want they will download it from your link and test it


Ok I will do it thank you

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I have edited the top most post with link drive link of my app just check whether it works out.... And reply regarding the same

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I edited your OP and added the link for @Taifun's extension

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No anke has instructed me not to add the link of the extension until that was developed by myself .... That's why I didn't add the link for the extension and just Thanked and credited him ...

Sorry if I have committed any mistake or if this reply hurts you


Not sure why this is a problem? @Anke

She might have asked you not to post the extension itself.
A link to the extension is fine


I never said anything like that, either here or in the Kodular forum.

See the screenshot attached above

This was how she replied to me and I myself understood like that ...

Sorry if I have misunderstood

Yes, I wrote "direct link".

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For example: The first link is not a direct link, but the second (I can post it here, because it's my own extension):


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Ok , I will be learning it


Please anyone use my app and give some tips