Endless Road Runner Game

A simple infinite scroller game based on ' Endless Road Runner (V2) - Atari game for NOMAM BASIC 10Liners Contest 2024' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr-rZYOFI2w

The Road Runner must avoid the cactus and rocket obstacles. Each cactus avoided scores one point.

Sample Session:

aia file:
EndlessRoadRunner.aia (325.2 KB)


NIce game Scott !!! :smile:

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Hello @ScottFromScott
Thank you for sharing the app, and the info about the creation. It's very interesting, i was thinking was an atari 2600 game but it's an atari XL game. Is not important, but was funny to think HOW GREAT LOOK an 2600 game, with all limitation they have.
Well. I have a question for you. Do you think we can add some MORE obstacles, like pits and bigger cactus? cactus of different size and make the jump higher or smaller for that reason.
It's only a question to think, i do not want to take any of your time making more than you do. Again, it's only a question.

Thanks again for all your work.

I like the idea of pits since there is already a 'jump' feature to jump over them.The pit could be represented by an ImageSprite that is the same color as the background color so would appear as a curved break in the line. Sizing the cactus would be simple to do as long as the Roadrunner can still jump over it. And the height of the jump can be adjusted also. To add another cactus just create another ImageSprite cactus and position it behind the Roadrunner. All the other settings would be the same for the second cactus. Good luck and have fun with it!

Thank you ScottfromScott

I am thinking in adding this features and maybe some more, also, i will try to make directly in 6502 code (for Atari 2600 or Commodore 64). Maybe for ZX Spectrum basic or worst in Machine code for z80.

By the way, i recognize i follow you. :+1:

Thanks for ALL your efforts to teach us.

Those sound like fun projects. Working with 6502 code reminds me of my Commodore VIC-20 days where I wrote an assembler, then a a program to get 40 characters on the screen. I made the character set where the characters were only three pixels wide!

Off course Scott, it's Fun!. The younger generations doesn't know how fun is develop software with A LOT OF HARDWARE LIMITATIONS and make you CREATIVE.
As you can see, my avatar have a ZX Spectrum, and it's for that reason, i have a computer "museum?", it's a collection. And also, have a kind of ONG.
I collect computers, i repair them and i give it to rural schools, forgotten by the states (inner states or national, it's the same). I only give them the new computers i found, the old ones, came to the collection. So, all have what they need. And obviously when i have a lot of recorder material i will make a youtube channel, but now, i have enough things to do to be recording videos. I am myself doing all, and is not enough.
Returning to this subject. I am sure that the ZX Spectrum version i will do it easily.

Thanks again Scott. a joy interact with you. :smiley:

Pd, if i make it, i will share it too. Who knows? Maybe there are another ZX spectrum and 8bit computers lovers, here too.
Also, sorry for my English spelling, i am a Spanish talker.

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Estoy interesado en colaborar contigo en algunos de tus proyectos. ¿Existe alguna forma de comunicarnos fuera de este hilo?