End of process "Notifier.ShowProgressdialog"

I want him to take action in the background and wait for that as long as possible. I did this with


But I want there to be a way to stop the process because the application may get stuck and not proceed.
For example, I've been waiting for him to find the coordinates where you are. When he finds them he asks you on a new screen various other things.


But sometimes it can not find the coordinates and the application crashes, there is nothing you can do. I wish you could stop the process of finding coordinates to proceed to the new screen.

You will need to add conditional if statements to various parts of your procedure, to check for success/progress, if fails then stop the progress notifier.

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An example of how to do it?

something like this?

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I can not write the above

I went to write it and I wrote this

Right click on the and block and select external inputs.

Thanks , but I am not satisfied.
Let me ask which one in general.
How can I stop the operation from Notifier.ShowProgressdialog
by pressing a button.

You cannot. Once the progress dialog is running it suspends a users access to the app until the progress dialog is closed by the call to the dismiss.progress.dialog event in the blocks.