Encrypte file access to executable app icon

Hi, i have a question. App inventor can encrypte file access data app icon executable?. I am trying to create an app to not access to my files internal storage or Sd card without my password. And optimize security from my files to virus spyware or Hacking. Some tutorial?. Thanks.

Search the community for 'password' and ' encryption' for discussions of these topics. Use the community search function (look for the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of this screen for the tool). There are plenty of examples but no tutorial.

Also you might use the Text Block described in Text blocks

obfuscated text

Produces text, like a text block. The difference is that the t xt is not easily discoverable by examining the app’s contents. Use this when creating apps to distribute that include confidential information, for example, API keys.

Warning: This provides only very low security against expert adversaries.

You can use encryption methods on strings in your app that are unlocked by "your password" for use.

For files, one approach might be to store them as password protected zip files, then to unzip them when access is required by the app.