Encrypt with AES-128 / ECB / NoPadding

Hey! I need to encrypt with AES-128 / ECB / NoPadding a specific message "FDD606D3E7C86075319A1AF7DB4C3459" with a secret key, but all I could find on Google is one paid extension and another free extension. But as far as I understand, none of them has an ECB option, and only this suits me. Are there simple solutions to this issue?

Does the [PAID] extension do what you want ? If so, then there is your solution.

No. Not have ECB.

So what? I saw this post but didn't go deep, realized that this encryption is not serious. BUT the fact is that this is what I need. The reasons for its irrelevance are not important to me. The device to which I need to send the encrypted message only accepts the ECB.

Therefore you will not likely find a method that provides AES encryption with ECB.

As a last resort, I'm going to send an encryption request via the application to the online site http://www.cryptogrium.com/aes-encryption-online-ecb.html, or another application. But I hope there is a more elegant solution.