Enabling bluetooth without permission menu?

Hello friends i would like to ask you if there is a way instead of writing "android.bluetooth.adapter.action.REQUEST_ENABLE" to enable the bluetooth adapter without prompting the permittion to the user?

Thank you very much.

yes, it is possible, but you will need an extension for it...
I can offer my bluetooth extension here App Inventor Extensions: Bluetooth | Pura Vida Apps
Note: there are also other extensions, which are able to do it...

Enable Bluetooth without user interaction !

Note: According to the Android documentation, Bluetooth should never be enabled without direct user consent . If you want to turn on Bluetooth in order to create a wireless connection, you should use the ACTION_REQUEST_ENABLE Intent, which will raise a dialog that requests user permission to turn on Bluetooth, see also this snippet.


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thank you for your answer but if i have understood correctly it is not for free... am i right?

yes, my bluetooth is a paid extension
you can find other extensions in the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


Since you quote.... " There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" i believe i should also take place and say the Knowledge must be free. (At least to my opinion) It differs if you have been asked for someone to build something... than to tell you how something is built. (i repeat this is my opinion)

Knowledge is free, but only at school. If someone in the past has not used free knowledge, he has to pay for it in the future :wink:

Even that is not free.We pay for it in the form of fee.
Nothing is free and you or someone else pays something so that you can use that for free. :sweat_smile:

Can this extension turn on BT without user intervention? I remember that I was testing it, I only found it turned on for any time but with a window.

I am not sure, but you should try.
But if I remember correctly then it can toggle BT without user interaction on lower android versions.

So....do you believe that everything is taught at school? I dont know your age but probably mit app inventor wasn''t even as a thought to be created.... Never mind i ll stop here and i would like to thank vknow360 for sharing his knowledge and made our lives easier.

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