Emulator won't open (on a Chromebook)


I'm trying to test an application that I'm making for my coding class. It's not opening and instead shows this:

And my emulator won't force quit?? It's been loading for like 10 straight hours


The only options I see are "Open" and "Pin". I've clicked both and neither have done anything useful

Is it my computer???

You are not doing something correctly. It appears you may be trying to open a Project by clicking on a file in your browser.

Did you follow the helpful instructions regarding how to use the emulator shown here:


Follow the directions; try again and if you still have issues, ask here again telling us what you have done.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I followed all the steps in that link/tutorial to open the emulator anyways -- it's not working. I've never had a problem with the way I've opened a program before. Are there any other troubleshooting tips you can give ?

If it won't load in a minute or two; stop something is wrong.

What were you doing immediately prior to this screen

appearing? Loading the Project using Emulator or what? This should never happen. What browser are you using and is this a Mac or PC or what?

Try using Firefox instead of Chrome and you might get a better result. There could be an issue with the version of Chrome you are using or its cache.

How large is your Project (aia size). Do other Projects load and this one does not? Can you load on a device using Companion?

Emulator quitting issue---did you try closing the aiStarter Window
aka right click on the aiStarter icon on your tool bar, then select Close window.

Unfortunately, it won't let me force quit/close it at all. I'm using my school Chromebook, so there isn't a button that I can press to shut it down. I've tried restarting it and it continues to stay on the screen anyways

In response to "What were you doing immediately prior to this screen appearing", I had just clicked Connect > Chromebook, and it gave me that screen and that error message.
Usually, when I click those buttons, it opens the emulator with my program.

  • I can't use Firefox on my computer because it isn't district approved
  • All previous projects have loaded for me, and it was working just fine until last night when it started giving me that error message.

Unfortunately Chromebooks are a 'special' animal that bites and spits while using App Inventor.

You can try closing down (reboot) and restart your Chromebook. Some times that works like magic; sometimes.

OK. What happens if you load a previous Project?

Does your chromebook run android apps?
Have you installed the companion app from the play store?
AI2 should "just find" the companion app once you have it open and your try top connect with AI2.

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Yes, I've installed the emulator from the play store.

I'm going to guess that my best bet is just restarting the Chromebook and then trying to open the application from there.

It might be the case that Chrome won't launch the app if you haven't already done so manually the first time. Try opening the MIT AI2 Companion first and then closing it, then try using the Connect > Chromebook option again.

If this continues to be an issue, you should be able to use the Connect > AI Companion option and then type the 6 character code into the app as a workaround.

Restarting my computer fixed my issue

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