Emulator not working again

I am having problems running the Emulator. I have searched this and tried everything. The funny thing is, that it works sometimes.

System: Windows 10
Computer: Desktop
Virus: Windows Defender



At this moment, the emulator server is working normally using Win10 with Defender.

Does the Project you are attempting to run work normally using Companion for Live Development?

Under what circumstances? This appears to be possibly an issue with respect to your router; are you sharing the connection with others?

Well. not the network. My wife uses the wifi and I am hardwired to the network.

Live Dev, yes. Companion no, because my phone doesn't support the app. I have a Samsung Gal s9.

Is she streaming video etc. You could be using your Provider's maximum rates or other issues.

Android 8. Doesn't support Companion? I expect it does. Samsung A13 with Android 11 works great.

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Yes she does, but this happens even she isn't home. Plus I have a killer provider and shouldn't be an issue.