Emulator looks off

Hi, I'm having problems with my emulator and I'm hoping someone can help me.

First I'm using a Mac, and I followed the instructions on how to set up an emulator without a android phone but my emulator does not appear like my instructors or what app inventor pictures it to look like. Mine looks like an actual android phone not a "remote".

When I tried to test out two of my projects as well, the emulator appears to change them. I click the emulator and it changes my uploaded pictures slighting and it completely changes the sound I have attached to the image. I really don't understand why my sound files change to something else. And this is for both of my projects, HelloPurr and IHaveADream.

I tried to reinstall and install twice and every time I re-download I still get the same "phone" and problem. Can anyone help me? I may also not be uninstalling it

UPDATE: I just disconnected my AirPods and reset the emulator and the sound works. But when I reconnected my AirPods, the sound changes to what kind of sounds like a car engine for both of my projects. Could this be the potential issue?

Have you tried clearing the browsers cache?
How the emulator looks like is not very important really as long as it shows the app working inside of it. Any particular reason why it should look like the others?