Emulator doesn't run with sensors

"java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class: com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.Thermometer"
I can't seem to create a thermometer.
I use a Mac, and I use the app Inventor emulator. (version 3.0)

The emulator lacks the ThermometerSensor component. You should use a physical device (connect to the companion or build an apk) to test the application.

Thank you so much!

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How do I know which sensors does the emulator has?

I do not know for sure, but I believe only the Clock and LocationSensor components are available.
You can try seeing which ones are through trial-and-error, by calling each component while connected to the Emulator, by doing something similar to this:

If no error is displayed, great: you can use this component!
If an error similar to the one you faced earlier is displayed (no such class [...]), then it probably cannot be used.

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This has been very useful. I truly appreciate it! :smiley:

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