Emulateur sous android

Svp je travaille sur ma tablette et j’utlise appinventor online mais lorsque je clique sur emulateur pour tester mon code il ne se lance pas
Pourquoi svp ?
Sachant que lorsque je travaille sur mon pc windows il marche bien
Thx a lot

Google Translate @TimAI2

Please I work on my tablet and I use appinventor online but when I click on emulator to test my code it does not launch
Why please?
Knowing that when I work on my windows pc it works well
Thx a lot

Hi @Naimlion

If you are running the website on your tablet, you will want to start the companion in split screen mode (Android 7+). Rather than using the Emulator option, select AI Companion instead and type the 6 character code into the companion app. This will allow you to develop and test side-by-side on the same device.