Empty Fire Base Project Bucket gets filled with anothers project name

I had one project that uses several FirebaseDB components. I changed the Url of all of them to my own Data Base (not the deffault AppInventor one) and I set their Project Buckets to empty.
Recently I created a new project (also with several FirebaseDB components), and one of the times I bult it, it no longer worked.
I troubleshooted and noticed that their Project Buckets where no longer empty, but have been automatically filled with the name of the project. But not with the name of this project, but the name of the other project.
Does something similar have been experienced by someone else?
Could this issue have happened when I copied just the data base Url form the box of one project to the other?

Not had this issue myself, but sounds like there is some confusion over which firebase url has been set for one or all of the firebase components used. By default, if I remember correctly, a new firebase component should use the MIT provided database, and sets the ProjectBiucket to the name of the ai2 project. (Just tested and I see this behaviour)

Yes. Thas it by deffault, when you drag the component. Then you can change the Url to your own Data Base in the text box (when the Use Deffault check box automatically gets unchecked).
By deffault also the project bucket is automatically filled with the name of your project. I believe there is one good reason for that: If many people are using the deffault App Inventor DataBase, to keep separated the data of different projects.

In my case, after I dragged two FirebaseDB components, I renamed them, and set their project buckets to empty. Then I went to my first project to to copy my data base Url. And went back to the new project to paste the Url to the project bucket text box of the FirebaseDB components.
I worked on the blocks, compiled the app and It worked fine.
Then I add one more FirebaseDB component. Repeated the same procedure, compiled and stopped working. When I checked the design screeen, all 3 components had the project bucket filled with the name OF THE OTHER project.

Was the copy done via Ctrl-C on the component in the Designer?

That grabs everything.

And Ctrl+V pastes every thing, even in different text boxes?
Then I have to be more careful next time, and remember to empty the project buckets as the last step.
Thanks a lot.

Post Data:
There is an App Inventor peculiarity worth to be remembered:
Imagine that you want to make a new version of your project, and you set the project bucket of a Firebase component empty by design.
Be aware that, when you make a copy of the project with "save as", App Inventor will set the project bucket to the name of the old project.
If you do need the bucket to be empty, after each time you make a new version of your project, you have to remember to erase the old project name in the design of the component.
Or may be you prefer to force it to empty programatically at app start, using the set Firebase . ProjectBucket block, to set it to empty text.

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