Empty error message from compiler

A compilation error occurs at 0%-progress-bar but no explanation is provided:
| App Inventor is unable to compile this project"
| The compiler error output was
| .

The error appears shortly after the "preparing application icon" message (same error after deselecting the icon file). This error never showed up before (last successful compilation early 2020). Other projets still compile OK.

The aia project file is less than 3Mo, and the number of screens is large (10) but unchanged since last the successful compilation.

Thanks in advance if you can help,

What is the file size from .AIA and .apk?

Good helpful information! .... Does your app contain any extensions? Some apps using extensions fail on release version nb 184 (because some extension developers extensions have issues with Google's latest requirements). You can make a copy of your app and delete an extension and see whether the copy compiles... what happens?

Thank you for your answers.

Some extensions are imported (TaifunMath, Taufun Tools, GmailUtilFree, ChartMaker). Unfortunately removing them (and fixing subsequent errors in code) did not help .

Does the compiler generated any log file that one could access ?

Given the number of builds that happen on a daily basis we don't have the buildservers keep any persistent logs. If you export your project and send it to us we can run an analysis on it to determine why it's failing to build.

Thank you Evan for your kind proposal. I am sure that you have more useful things to do for the community and I would not dare asking for a personalized assistance. Yet, if you believe that my problem could be a general interest, I would be glad to provide a clean example project that crashes.

I take this opportunity to send many thanks and congratulation to all your MIT team for the great job.

I may have a clue about the origin. I have noticed that a weird media file has appeared in my MEDIA folder when I was writting blocks in a new screen (see attachement) or when I was testing the project. When I delete this "media" file, the error message from the compiler is not longer empty (and this allowed me to spot the problem in my code).

I now speculate on the origin of this Media file. Could it have appeared when I defined a very long global variables (copy-pasting a string of more than 120000 chars), producing some overflow somewhere ?

I have finally solve my problem the following way :

  • I reduce the length of the long string to roughtly 80000 chars
  • I exported the newest screen the current project into an old archive of this project using the great AI2MergerApp.jar tool.

Thanks again

Capture d’écran 2020-08-04 à 20.44.03

The Media folder can also hold .txt files, a big relief for the Blocks Editor.