Employee Login and Logout App

For my project in school, I have to create an Application for the Login and Logout of employees:

Design Problem:

My target audience is the School Community - the Institute that offers various interesting workshops for students who are in 5th grade to 12th grade. The Institute’s staff needs to write in the staff register book information each and every time when going out of the office for small breaks such as Field visits, Material collection, Lunch, Snacks, etc. The admin later reviews the data in the register book and makes a report of it.

The watchman/caretaker also needs to keep an eye on the staff to see whether they write the correct information in the correct column and if the information is correct or not. Sometimes the staff’s handwriting is not readable and even if it is it might be blurred if water or any liquid falls on the register, it also consumes a lot of time.

Design Solution:

An app can be created using MIT App Inventor in which there should be a basic form page that includes components such as name, login time, log out time, reason, etc. Once the information is filled in, the data obtained should be visible in the excel sheet which is accessed by the admin. The entry is then accepted or rejected by the admin. If the data is accepted the exit slip will be shown on the employee's screen. Which he/she can show to the watchman/caretaker.

So, for this, I have created 2 different apps for employees and admin. The new data entry added in the excel sheet is seen on the admin's phone.
I would need your help:

  1. a notification to the admin's phone if a new entry has been added.
  2. a "Accept and Reject screen" which will come on the Admin's screen after getting the notification.