Embed external app


Im very new to app inventor, I am trying to find an option to run an external app in an app I am creating. Any ideas. on how this can be done.


Welcome Tommy.

Use the ActivityStarter. An explanation of what you might do Tommy is here> * Using the Activity Starter depending on what you mean by

The ActivityStarter can control some apps that are already loaded on your device or apps you develop with App Inventor.

Hello Steve, Thank you I will take a look.

Basically I am creating a basic app to control a set of relays for a 12v off grid electrical system. It will be loaded on a tablet that will be locked to a kind of kiosk mode to enable only one screen/app.

On the app I am building I need the option to open/integrate a third party app that will be displaying the electrical usage stats. I need to to be able to switch between the two apps.

I don't want any access to the tablet past these apps If that makes any sense.