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I'm trying to send an email after the user does the registration, but it's not working.
I did the exact procedure with reset password, and it's ok.

What is missing, or what i'm doing wrong.


what exactly does not work?
which response content do you get?


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See the documentation, you need to supply the idToken in the POST section

Nothing, i don't receive any response. The log is made, but i don't receive the notification "please verify your email" as requested or an error message.

I did change taking into account,
but same result, no response.

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It is possible that the idToken is not "taking".

You either have to use the paid extension from Carlos Perdoza

or see here to use the web component:

Firebase with a Web Component


Have a look at Taozilla's video:
Taozilla - 5. Firebase Authentication with app inventor ep02 update userinfo sendemail verify

from @ 9 minutes in. See his blocks


Hello, i tried with the video, but i really don't understand why his endpoint is different from the suggested in

Google change things....

Did setting out the POST payload as Taozilla did make it work ?

No, but for me it's difficult just to see what he is doing without understanding what he's saying.
Because I wanted to use only the procedures he are using to verify email, not everything, I would love to keep what i have already done and it's working.

But if it is the only choice.

All you should have to do is change this:


to this:


You do not need to send as JSON
and probably remove your headers section

I already tryed and it's not working.
*When i save data (procedure), i can see the idToken in the label2_done

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Try removing the web headers blocks ?

ok... i changed the when web GetText and the label that i set is showing code 400: Invalid ID Token

There lies your problem then. Use the data returned from sign up or in to get the up to date IdToken to use.

I have just tested all this on my setup and everything works as it should:

Sign Up data returned (with idToken) - truncated

Do It Result: 
["email", ""],
["expiresIn", "3600"],
["idToken", "eyJhbGciOiJSUzIXAiOiJKV1Qif..._mwsCape9jcN0RggEbhXqguwDA"],
["kind", "identitytoolkit#SignupNewUserResponse"],
["localId", "hw2Gztt7iThDOLTSfoY73SGTgDF2"], 
["refreshToken", "AG8BCne8Az...A8NGl8vmxCb1mUlX"]

Send the verification email

data returned:

Do It Result: "{
  "kind": "identitytoolkit#GetOobConfirmationCodeResponse",
  "email": ""

Email received:

Check the user data

data returned:

Do It Result: "{
  "kind": "identitytoolkit#GetAccountInfoResponse",
  "users": [
      "localId": "hw2Gztt7iThDOLTSfoY73SGTgDF2",
      "email": "",
      "passwordHash": "UkVEQUNURUQ=",
      "emailVerified": true,
      "passwordUpdatedAt": 1609683072990,
      "providerUserInfo": [
          "providerId": "password",
          "federatedId": "",
          "email": "",
          "rawId": ""
      "validSince": "1609683072",
      "lastLoginAt": "1609683072990",
      "createdAt": "1609683072990",
      "lastRefreshAt": "2021-01-03T14:11:12.990Z"
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Tim one more time, many thanks for your help ! 5*****

Solved !


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