Eliminar datos de lista en Clouddb

Tengo una base de datos en Cloudbd, los datos estan guardados por etiquetas y se visualizan después de seleccionar en un visor de lista en el que quedan guardados, quisiera tener un boton de eliminar, que me elimine los datos guardados según el elemento seleccionado en la lista, y que al inicializar cloudbd ya haya eliminado el dato, pero no se como eliminar desde ahí. Alguien me podría hacer el favor de ayudarme con eso?

Welcome David

What have you tried?

Depending on your existing code, you could use (from * CloudDB ) either

  • FirstRemoved( value )

Event triggered by the RemoveFirstFromList function. The argument value is the object that was the first in the list, and which is now removed.
to delete data in a tag stored as a List

  • ClearTag( tag )

Remove the tag from CloudDB. To completely remove the tag and the entire List

What you probably should do is :

  • read the List that is stored in the tag you want to delete an item from
  • remove the selected item from the List (using techniques described in Sajal's List tutorial )
  • post the revised list back to the tag
  • that removes the item you want to remove

Delete what David? Your description is unclear. What is 'there'... if you overwrite the original List with the revised List, the tag will contain your revised List.

If you need specific advice, please provide/post an example of your Blocks here and a more complete explanation of what you expect to happen. Show us what you have already coded to get help.