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Me and my team are having trouble making an app that can connect to other apps to interchange data. For example, connecting an app to educational platforms such as Google Classroom and Edmodo with the users accounts to receive assignments and notifications. Any help will be appreciated.
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You will probably need to use a google apps script web app and the advanced classroom service:

in order to interact with Google Classroom.

I don't know about Edmodo, can't see anything on their site regarding an API....

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Thank You very much TIMAI2!! I will review these websites.

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Me and my partner are both beginners at coding but for a school project we have to design and build a specific app. This app will have to connect with multiple school platforms that teachers use such like Edmodo. The idea we had is that we could patch through assignment notifications into this app so students will have an easier time checking homework. We posted for help previously but unfortunately it did not help very much. We appreciate any help you can give us.

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I don't know much about Edmodo.

What about accessing Edmodo through WebViewer?

From my knowledge web viewer allows you to see websites through your app. Edmodo requires a username and password specific to each student to enter their class and see their posts.

@Nico2 To do what you expect with Edmodo requires access to an api for Edmodo. The api is not published. That means you probably can not use App Inventor to access

Edmodo does not provide access from outside apps. See their documentation. Everything requires using their software.

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