Editting Values within a Dictionary within a List

Im trying to create a List of Devices, with each of them having various parameters, Name, IPAddress, DeviceType.

However, I have no idea how to access the data (I am trying to edit the fields of the various parameters For example changing Device1's Name from A to B)

Any help would be greatly apperciated! Also if I had posted in the wrong section please let me know as I'm new!

Starting global variable devices out as a list is problematic, because that forces you to use list select blocks to access each device in the list.

Assuming device names are unique, maybe make global devices an empty dictionary,
with device names as its keys and subdictionaries as their values, duplicating names inside the subdictionaries.

When editting values in multi-level structures, I take the safe route and use copy blocks to avoid tying myself into knots in memory.

Also, the set value for key path block has a simpler variant further down the pallette, the set value for key block.