Editing Google Sheet

Hi, I am trying to send data to google sheet. The weblink gets my data but it does not change the sheet. I am totally new here and know too little about app development. Can anyone help me to fix the issue?


The web link here is the link of an AppScript file. The Appscript Code is..


Show your responseContent please

My Response content is too big
it is not showing the whole text in one screen. I have collected those texts here.

You are getting the standard google login page returned (as html). This means there is something wrong with your script, and/or how you have published it.

The apps script must be published as Me - your google account and to be accessible to Anyone (new script editor) or Anyone, even anonymous (legacy editor). Then publish the script to a new version. Check the script url matches the one you have in your app, if not replace it.

Some links to help you


I had made it accessible to "anyone with google account" but had not seen that there is another option that is just "anyone". I deleted the whole script and made a new one. My app is now working fantastically. Thanks a lot @TIMAI2 for helping me to find the mistake :heart::heart::heart:.

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