Editing build.xml file

Yesterday I added ARR file to my extension template, but how can I edit the build.xml file? I have no idea

 <copy file="${ExternalComponent-class.dir}/${extensionClassFolder}.jar"

Also only these lines I should edit? I am using extension template for the first time. Please help me.

When building extensions in the main repo, you need to add your libraries to the CopyComponentLibraries target. Look for the line <!-- Add extension libraries here --> and follow the example given.

In the tutorial it's been said that we need to add library path the buil.xml in CopyComponentLibraries target, I have added the jar files to the lib folder, @UsesLibraries(libraries = "LIBRARY-LIBRARY") I don't see CopyComponentLibraries target in the build.xml. @ewpatton

Should I need to add it below this link?

<!-- TODO(opensource) - Add more <link> elements that correspond to the jars on the classpath above,so our javadoc will link appropriate online javadoc for libraries we depend on. -->

You needn't do that unless you're relying on generating the Java documentation.

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If I remember correctly then @shreyash once said that there is no need to edit build.xml file if you are using Extension Template.
Simply add the libs in deps dir.


This is true, but the comment referenced by @Kumaraswamy is only found in the appinventor-sources.