Edit Items In Dictionary

I am trying to edit some items in the decenary.
I need to edit the text , and pull out the image and put it in the image

my edit function is were i am having problems

all so i need to delete the selected item in the listview and from the dictionary.
Thanks for any help. I am trying to learn working with dictionary.


Can you explain what you were thinking of as the purpose of the circled blocks?

Thanks for your reply.
I am thinking that i need to get the correct id from the dictionary.
Just haveing some trouble learning this.

See the chapter on procedures in the free online book.

Also see

Thanks for your reply.
I am reading and learning from the links.
I was testing this code on a button.

I am getting all the names now in the txtName textbox .

I need to get the record of the listview1.item.selection

Thanks for any help.

If you just completed a Selection, why would you need to loop any where?

Wouldn't you have (hope you kept them) the key and tag to get what you want directly without looping?

By the Way, if you use 4 or 5 TinyDB NameSpaces (Name, picture, price,...) you can update and extract by tag=(ID number) directly without dictionaries or lists.