Easiest way to add(divide)etc only 2 numbers

Using only 2 numbers, not a list or a loop


yes, I know that...I need to know the easy designer and blocks as well for my 5th graders. The one on YouTube only has the designer and the verbal instructions are not clear
. Thanks

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Here is the Designer, the blocks, and an .aia file you can Project-> Import.
I made a movie .gif but it was 5 MB, too big for the board.
add_and_divide.aia (1.9 KB)

P.S. I made 3 short movies of how yo do this quick and sloppy from an empty project.
I skipped renaming the components, which is necessary good practice.
I also skipped setting Screen1 to center in the Designer.


(Sorry, I lost the 3rd in my haste. Let me know if you really need it.)


Does this graphic help?


See the * Math blocks documentation for an explanation for what the +, - , x , and / Blocks do.