Easier way to list out tags

Is there an easier/shorter way to do this instead of listing out a bunch of blocks?

Perhaps you could test the following:


Thank you so much!

Is there anything similar for CloudDB as well?

Same situation. I want different textboxes to have the different value from the tags

Sorry, that is something what I don't know. Hope for help by others. :slight_smile:

You can do much the same in the CloudDB.GotValue event after calling the taglist, and iterating over that.

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This is the way that I use.

Is there an efficient way to do this?

Try applying the method @Joerg_Kowalski showed for tinyDB

The get value block for CloudDB seems to be different.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys helped me a lot.
I've managed to reduce ~200 blocks using these methods to get my TinyDB and CloudDb data!

Me too! I know that feeling!!!

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