DynamicComponent unspecified error and extra lines

Good morning.

The development continues, this time with a dynamic list that goes checkbox, label, checkbox, label, etc. until the last row of text. I accidentally made the input a two-dimensional array and really don’t want to change how I did that so please go easy on me here, LOL.

Intent: For each project (row) in a spreadsheet, Google Sheets looks at a set of data and generates a list of 30+ possible errors for that project, then lists each error that has at least one item affected, “\n”, and the quantity of items affected.

Thus the alternating list. Checkbox next to the 3-digit error code and its explanation, list for the number of items affected.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got almost everything right, but there are three issues:

  • Every time I load the screen, I get an undefined error report.
  • There’s an extra checkbox at the bottom with no text tied to it.
  • When I select the first checkbox, instead of the line next to it, it gives me the data for the line below it.

Leads me to think I’m messing up somewhere in the indexing (for example, maybe the extension starts at 0 while the main program starts at 1) but I’ve tried changing the numbers around and it doesn’t do anything. Blocks posted below.

Misc info: Label6 is my “debug log” so I can see things change in real time. Checkbox1 is the “select all” that I’m also trying to get working. It’s…in progress.

More info: If I swap in the IDs instead of the text and check all the boxes, I get “1,2,4,6,8” instead of “1,2,3,4,5.” ???

which extension are you using?
it would help very much to provide a link to the extension, so others know, what you are talking about...

yes, this might be an issue, what about trying something?
also you could ask the author of the extension...


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I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

You have a data modelling problem,
a data summarization problem, and a
data presentation problem.

For your data modeling problem, you need a normalized table of
(project id, error) with a row for each error in project (project id).

From there, you can use the equivalent of the SQL SELECT GROUP BY
operator to derive summary tables as needed. Here’s GROUP BY in blocks:

(draggable directly into Blocks Editor.)

For presentation, here is a simple List View or List Picker alternative simulating check boxes

I have seen no need for an extension in your project description.

It’s the DynamicComponent extension. I literally put it as the first word in the title.

My data modeling is a problem, all right, but I restructured.

Each project has several hundred items that pass nine checkpoints on their way out the door. I’ve set my app up so that a barcode scanner on another page passes the item ID and the checkpoint. That then feeds into a Google Sheet that comes back to my app on the project summary page showing the progress so far. So far so good…

The Google Sheet also keeps a running tally for each checkpoint and each type of item in the project, since there can be several dozen “types”, each with 10-20 items apiece. My error codes needed to reflect the following scenarios for every checkpoint:

  1. We’ve scanned too many items to X checkpoint. (This is normally caught by the barcode scanner - I have a custom webapp running that catches and removes duplicates unless I’m scanning too fast and the server gets overloaded. This shouldn’t happen, but this error is here if it does.)
  2. We’ve skipped an item at X checkpoint, but it was scanned at Y checkpoint so obviously it’s ready to go.
  3. We’re still missing an item that hasn’t been scanned at the following checkpoint. Please go make sure it’s actually been made and isn’t going to cause us problems down the line.

The original plan was to pull the list that generates from the sheet and use that, but I was running into too many problems. So I tore out the dynamic bits and added three checkboxes that pull my tally spreadsheet, calculate quantities on the fly per type of item and whether the quantity is correct, and return a list of item types to the appropriate box. Checkpoint is determined by the item picked from a spinner. Each type of error requires different actions for the override to take place, so I don’t think I can do it from a ListView. Thanks for the info, though. If I ever rewrite this screen I’ll come back and check these out.

but you forgot to add a link to the extension
I guess, it is this one

there btw. is another one