Dynamic table - error in emulator

I 'm trying to run the Dynamic Table Layout and Table Listpicker example.
On my device it runs just fine.
But on the emulator (I want to see if the emulator is more convenient than my phone) I get an error: The web page at file://storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/assets/table.html could not be loaded as: the requested file was not found


How can I fix this?

You probably forgot a slash. It is file:///, not file://.

I have not entered the link to the file, so it's impossible to have forgotten a slash.
The file (table.html) is just uploaded in the project.

file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<packageName>/files/assets/ for devices >= Android 10

All examples should have three slashes after file:. Check if the Tools extension has been updated to the latest version.

I expect this extension cannot run in the 'standard' emulator.

  • PathToAssets method of the tools extension has been updated, which now returns file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data//files/assets/ for devices >= Android 10

I imported this file, a message appeared saying it was upgraded, I restarted it and now I get this error when running the emulator:

As indicated above, the aia does NOT work in the emulator. :cry: Yes, the aia you refer to. Be happy the copy you had earlier runs in a device. :slight_smile:

I can confirm, the 'upgraded' aia does not run on an Android 8.1 either. :cry: An older version does run on my device with no problem :astonished: although the older version does not run in the emulator.