Dynamic notification of whether a component is implemented in iOS Project Gsoc 2023

Greetings Community,
I wanted to share my interest in working on Dynamic notification of whether a component is implemented in iOS project.

I am thinking of implementing these steps:

  1. Making a new property in DesignerComponent annotation interface called iOSCompatible and then,
  2. When the user clicks on AI companion, displaying a warning dialog box to show the components in the projects which are not available yet on ios Companion(if the user has included components which are not yet available for iosCompanion).
    I believe this will improve the user experience and help them make informed decisions about component selection.

These are my initial thoughts and approach.

While researching, I found that http://doesappinventorrunonios.com/ can be used to track the progress of iOS components implementation. Are there any other resources I should be aware of?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to approach this project. Thank you all for your help!

Thank you,
Aditya B N

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Also considering to display a text called iosCompatible at the start of this dialog box if the component has been implemented for ios Companion

Aditya B N

Yes this is what I had in mind when i saw this project first, You can also check if the device connected is an iphone only then show the warnings.

@ArduinoMonkey thanks for reply :grin:,
I will definitely check if its possible to detect the type of device connected through AI companion.

However, I had a thought that it would be better for the user to know about this before using the component in his project.
So was also thinking about having a text if its iosCompatible in palette help popup.