Dynamic components

how can I save the components that created by dynamic component?
I want to retrieve the component that I created it if the APP re-opened, if I close the APP all dynamic components that I created it lost.
I am not using these blocks:

I am using create block only (for creation but the components not saved if I closed the APP and re-opened it)
please explain to me how to use the blocks that I attached.

Won't make any difference if you use a schema, all that will do is replace the blocks you use to make a dynamic component.

The whole point of dynamic components is that they are created as needed. If you need to see them again when you reload the app, then perhaps they shouldn't be dynamic.

I guess it may be possible to create a procedure that will generate a bunch of dynamic components at start up, using a saved list of properties/content for each component. You could save these as you create a new component.

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what you mean "schema replace the blocks that I use"?
another question: there is a way to create a component in run time application and make this component as a part of the app (I mean to find it when reloading the app)

I have the same problem. To create a dynamic component and found it on restating the app.
Any have an idea...

Short answer - you do not need a dynamic component - create your component at design time.

Dear @TIMAI2,
I tried to make an app like this that add components dynamically and store that component permanently.
I think it not possible in App inventor?

Save data to tinyDB once added and next time call data from tinyDB to create dynamic components.

Running on dynamic components takes a lot of time(1.5-2 min) and most of the time it crashed. 5 to 10 times components are being created dynamically fine.. but facing problem when 60 to 70 times components are created dynamically...plz give me a solution

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This is my app user interface

I guess it depends on what you are doing and how you are doing it. i have not had any timing issues generating that many components dynamically....

Which extension are you using ?

Screenshot 2023-03-15 161704

by Yusuf Cihan.

i need help beacuse this is a big project for me...i want to show you my block or AIA file..how can i send you private message?