DX Failed Error on Backup .aia file

A few months agi I was experiencing DX Failed Errors when I try to compile my app and I had to start over my project from a earlier version. This had set me back by many weeks but I learnt from mistake and had been creating backup aia files on an every change basis. I have recently started to experience the DX Failed Errors again and my backup aia files also fail with the same error, despite me checking to ensure these backup files were working a few weeks earlier. Any help would be appreciated in fixing this very annoying issue. Thanks in advance for your considerations.

The time to make a backup aia is after you load your Project in the beginning of a coding day and discover the Project coding so far works. When you save an aia at the end of a day when you are tired or in a hurry , the possibility exists your Project might contain code that causes problems.

If you continually get DX Failed errors again, and again that situation says something about your coding style. DX failed errors are among the most difficult to debug. They are usually caused by doing things that push the limits of the capabilities of the App Inventor compiler to render a great app. Among these are many layouts within layouts, many Screens, using a custom app icon that does not meet criteria etc.and doing lots of stuff with video streaming, images and the number of components or high numbers of coding Blocks.

Since you are DX failed prone, consider saving a copy of your existing project as a fail safe in addition to saving an aia.

What can you do now? If you save all your aia files, load the next most recent.

Help fixing what annoying issue Javes? The DX Failed issue occurs because of how complex your app might be etc. The saved aia issue is a result of checking the Project for robustness prior to saving an aia so that when you have issues, you can back out of them. The issue with the aia is thinking about when you should save. You are best situated to fix the problem and can certainly ameliorate your issues.

Perhaps others have other ideas about how to avoid DX Failed Errrors … you probably are familiar with this advice " your error message is DX execution failed. this is a very general error message and therefore it’s hard to say, what might be the issue in your case. You are probably aware of SteveJG’s monster list of tips and tricks you can check for possible reasons…good luck! let us know, what you find out" if all else fails.


Thanks for your response. The aia files which I speak of are files that have compiled and which I have saved to a backup folder on my PC just in case. These files were not altered. Previously, for every change I made, I check to see if I can generate an apk file, and if it does, I exported the aia file to my PC in the event of another DX Failed error.