DX execution failed with TaifunAlarmManager extension

I'm struggling 2 days to make my app work again. Checked the monster list, no errors in blocks but while testing in companion I get the following runtime errors. Is there a conflict in TaifunAlarmManager and KIO4_Base64 extensions?


@FreakShears I removed both AIAs because they contain paid extensions.
It is not allowed to post such extensions, that are not your own.


Delete one of the extensions, then you will see if the reason is a conflict.

stupid me, totally forgot the extensions in the .aia! Thank you Anke.

Yes, there is a conflict between these two extensions (TaifunAlarmManager and KIO4_Base64).
The extension developers @Taifun and @Juan_Antonio might have an answer.

Meanwhile you can try Filey:


Thank you @vknow360 I'll try Filey now.

@vknow360 does Filey work with images?

Yes.It works with all files, except txt.

It seems I can't get Filey to work, so, do you know if Taifun's Alarm extension (the paid version) has the same conflict as the AlarmManager with KIO4_Base64?

Only the developers can awnser that.

You mean you are still facing the issue?

I had no issues with building the APK (after replacing the extension):



Why? I've no problems with it.
Of course, the Filey extension doesn't have a method of creating a directory, but it can be easily done with the TaifunFile extension (that you already used).

I build too the .apk with Filey, but I obviously do something wrong with my blocks and I can't save the photo.

Do it this way:

Anke yes, I did it the same way plus the following block and it still doesn't save the photo.

Can you print the response and successful on a label and show us the result?

the blue letters is the response.
successful doesn't return anything.

Anke the same. When I change screen and come back, the photo isn't saved.