DX execution failed for .csv generating block

whenn i am including the block stated below, biulding failed DX execution failed but when i remove it it works well why ? anyone who help me please .....taifun ?

don't worry about variables, i already declare all.

all hidden block have the same pattern.

what i want to do is saving diffrent partition of data as .cvs.

the same for this...

anyone please....

with these red error mark?

and all there variable are boolean?

no don't worry about those it happen when i am export it to small sample project from my biggest one they already corrected but why this happen....

and yes all they are boolean

i don't know why you use so many boolean variable, but try to use one variable just to store the file name to share, then no need for so many if...else...

i used it but the same problem

when i use single tabel maker it work fine.

but when i duplicate it and run couse the same error.

what's going on!

This usually means toomuch of someone your project

Follow the DRY principle.. don't repeat yourself...

Do not duplicate complex blocks... reuse your blocks!


you all guys make my life easy and i got unlimited knowledge from your suggestion thanks a lot @Taifun, @Kevinkun ...

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