Duration more than 24 hours

Hi. I use the blocks above. everything works fine except that I can only see 24h and the clock starts counting again. I don't want to see the days, I only want to see the hours and minutes until the clock is reset. How can I do this?

You may have to do it just using blocks...


Unclear to me. Where exactly is the problem and what should be achieved?
Show examples so I can see what actually this is about.


Your blocks clearly says, you didn't convert the whole things into millis.. first try to convert everything into milli and then process. Follow the suggestion added by @Anke . It is quit simple

Also you must add if condition , if the extension value gives everything 0 then set clock timer to false.

I am using this date and tool extension to convert the difference between the two millis into
0d 0hr 0m 0s


here 0 will b changed according to milli

result in hours format. for example: 12 + 13 = 25h etc, no 1day and 1h.

Then you should use what @TIMAI2 suggested in post2 or use this procedure



This is all you need:


Try this: hours24Plus.aia (7.0 KB)

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