Duplicate screens on ipads

I teach app inventor on iPads with attached Bluetooth keyboards and trackpads. I have an external mouse I can use. I am trying to duplicate a screen. I understand the directions of command-c and command -v. I understand right click. I can get a screen to duplicate on my windows laptop. No matter what I try, I cannot get a screen to duplicate on the iPad, with copy/paste or right click trackpad/right click external mouse/long click. Any suggestions?

My general advice would be that if you're duplicating screens then there may be a design flaw in your app. If you really want to go this route, in theory the Cmd+C/Cmd+V combination ought to work on iPadOS. If those don't work, you could try Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V as a fallback.

I’ve tried both Ctrl and command c and v. In the same app, it works on a pc and not on an iPad, so it isn’t a design flaw in the app. Additionally, it is an issue on all 85 iPads, no matter which app, no matter which account.

I think I have an old bluetooth keyboard for iPad in a box somewhere. I'll see if I can locate it and replicate the issue.

It's a design flaw if you need two screens that are the same or nearly the same. You can only display one screen at a time, so if the data for each is different, just use one screen and apply data set 1 or data set n accordingly.

I understand why it would be a design flaw, but I teach middle school. My kids are creating a coloring book app and I wanted them to see that they could create it with 2 screens or 4, with the canvas switching pages or a home menu taking them to different screens without using a db-that is too advanced for them at this point.

You should not need a db Kristen. Store the images to be coloured-in as Assets. Have buttons to load each specific image onto the canvas. Managing extra Screens correctly is on the same level of difficulty. It's your decision but I see it as teaching bad habits.....

By the way, how are the images coloured in? App Inventor does not have a flood (bucket) function? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?