Dummy trying to learn phone files / folder operations

I did this in an attempt to create a folder
(the /TEMPtogo = /HRMHR)

I was successful BUT .. I need the scope to be Shared (I guess) to be able to see it and copy a text file from it.
I then did this:

In an attempt to remove the folder and create a new one with Shared scope. I only get a CRASH from it :astonished:

What am I doing wrong?

According to this the folder does not exist

But it does exist and I write to it repeatedly !!!
:astonished: :thinking:


Did I translate that properly?
Access to non-media files on Android 11+ On Android 11+, non-media files (txt, pdf, csv, ...) can be accessed:
IF and only if the text files are in the → ASD or in the → Private dir (i.e. were saved there)
The text files are in one of the Shared folders (/Documents or /Download) and these files were created by the app itself
SAF is used
MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE* permission is requested and granted.

MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is not really an option, because an app that requests this permission


What is it about?

you forgot to add the shared storage directory...
for example the correct path for the subfolder HRMHR in shared storage /Download would be /Download/HRMHR


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I think that everything necessary was explained in detail in my tutorial.