Drop down menu not visible on ipad

Using App Inventor’s website on iOS 15.2 on an iPad Pro: On a touch screen, with a long press on a code block one can get more options about that block by way of a drop down box. Normally the location of the drop down box varies depending on where the block is when it is pressed so the drop down menu could be anywhere on the screen. All of a sudden, my drop down box is now fixed at the top left of the window with only about 1/16th of an inch of the bottom of the box showing. Each time I long press on a block, the drop down box is visible but only that 1/16” so it is not accessible and cannot be moved. I have removed all cookies from the website with no effect (Safari>advanced>Website data>Site). It does this on both Safari and Chrome browsers on the iPad, but not on my windows laptop (not a touch screen). It also does it using both my google accounts. Since it is doing it on both browsers and both accounts, it seems it is an issue with App Inventor rather than the iPad. What should I do?

BTW, I have learned not to use a touch screen device to setup blocks on the app inventor - an offhanded touch of the screen can wreak havoc in unknown places.


On my iPad, it appears only sometimes. I understand your situation. However, everything seemed fine when I used an iPad keyboard and

App Inventor is meant to be worked on a PC (for example, Windows, MacBook), not on a tablet. If you use a tablet, there might be several issues.

Hi everybody,

we have the same issue on our iPads when working with App Inventor.

I've checked the context menu behaviour on Blockly  |  Google Developers and the menu is working correctly on iPad with iPadOS 15.3.

@ewpatton, are you planning to update Blockly in the near future? This would be very helpful, because we have only tablets in school and cannot use computers.

Yes, we are aiming to update to the latest Blockly over the summer.

That’s pretty obvious but on the other hand this style of programming seems to be created for being used on tablets - and the issue with the context menu is the only big one I encountered.

Hi, it has been a while but as the issue still exists you may be interested I found a workaround which makes the context menu reappear properly. Just open a spinner on any block like shown in the screenshot.

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Thank the lord for that!
I thought it was just me having this issue...

Same as you described "dbasmb", on an Android 10 tablet and Chrome that is 'near enough' latest version and the same issue.

Oddly enough I don't get this when I edit on the laptop though... :thinking: ...

Were you able to fix this issue? We are having the exact same problem on the iPads three years later!

No, sorry my aged brain can’t come anywhere close to remembering how that worked out.

The context menu also appears on the top-left corner on my touchscreen laptop, when I touch and hold a block (though it doesn't really affect usability). I can, however, recreate the issue through device emulation in developer tools.


@Cigogne's solution of opening the drop-down picker seems to work.

Try Cigogne's solution. Just interact with the drop-down selection list for any block, and the context menu should start appearing. This works until the page is reloaded (or closed).

That is working so far. Thank you so much!

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