Dreaded "App Not Installed Package Appears To Be Invalid"

An app I've built and installed many times started giving me this error last night. I've uninstalled the app. I can build & install other app inventor apps, but not this one.

I've cleared cache & storage in Play Store and Play Services, and I think it was installer services. Still nothing.

I am ready to try something extreme like rebuild the app in a new file. Even wipe my phone if need me.

Before I do, I thought I'd check to see if there was anything anyone might suggest.

did you first uninstall the app and then try to install?
what about trying to install on another device? does it work there?


Yes. I did uninstall after i started getting the error.

I will see if tomorrow is i can get an old phone where it can try to install it.

Problem solved. An extension I added was the culprit. Once deleted, app installed.

Not one of your extensions Taifun.

Thanks for your help.

And the extension was?

With which others extensions?

Which extension is it? This can be very useful for others to find out which extensions are causing problems and especially to find out why.

Hastily replied before going to bed last night.

It is this extension: Sharing data to AI2, not sharing data from AI2 - #9 by vknow360

I was thinking of having my app appear in the Android Share options. Not mission critical. A nice to have feature is all.

Thanks all.

Hmm, why should this extension cause "App not installed ..."? What could the extension have to do with the app package?

I checked it with a new (almost empty) project. No problem at all.

Which is why I asked for the other extensions, if any, in use in the project. Two extensions could be conflicting with each other. @vknow360 could check this out ?

android:exported attribute is missing for activity used in the extension.
I'll see.


Share_test.aia (7.4 KB)

All this app contains is the extension in question and two labels. No blocks at all. And I got the error trying to load.