Drag the Canvas image

Hi guys, I had implement Drag a Canvas larger than screen size in a landscape screen orientation but the problem is I cannot fully drag the all image around the screen. The left and upper parts of the image can be dragged fully but the right and bottom part just half way can be dragged. I would like to drag and see all parts of the image around the Canvas fitted well on the screen and the canvas. A help will be appreciated, here is the of the project aia file and the block images.

aia file
Drag_Canvas_Image.aia (1.6 MB)

UI Screenshot

blocks code

I suggest you revisit the original example by Scott Ferguson and compare your blocks

Thanks, but I tried in landscape screen orientation I could not zoom in in order to drag the canvas even when changing different values of the x controller and y controller.

You could try a different approach (no zoom with this)

dragImage.aia (207.5 KB)

Thanks, but need to use the canvas in order to get the rgb values from the image in canvas background after a single click not from an image sprite, I guess it is impossible to get rgb values from an image sprite?

The Canvas.GetPixelColor block will return the colour selected on the imageSprite.

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